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Extensions manage similar concerns. It allows for grouping items that affect:

  • How the editor displays certain content, i.e. bold, italic, underline.
  • Makes certain commands available e.g. actions.bold() to make selected text bold.
  • Check if a command is currently active or enabled e.g. actions.bold.isActive().
  • Register Prosemirror plugins, keymaps, input rules, paste rules, and custom nodeViews, which affect the behaviour of the editor.

There are three types of Extension.

  • NodeExtension - For creating Prosemirror nodes in the editor.
  • MarkExtension - For creating Prosemirror marks in the editor.
  • Extension - For behaviour which doesn’t need to be displayed in the DOM.

Available extensions

Import any single extension with:

import { FooBarExtension } from '@remirror/core-extensions';
Node extensions
  • BlockquoteExtension
  • BulletListExtension
  • CodeBlockExtension
  • HardBreakExtension
  • HeadingExtension
  • HorizontalRuleExtension
  • ImageExtension
  • ListItemExtension
  • OrderedListExtension
Mark extensions
  • BoldExtension
  • CodeExtension
  • ItalicExtension
  • LinkExtension
  • StrikeExtension
  • UnderlineExtension
Generic extensions
  • BaseKeymapExtension
  • CompositionExtension
  • HistoryExtension
  • NodeCursorExtension
  • PlaceholderExtension
  • SSRHelperExtension
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